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“Sandy caused allot of cancellations of flights along with airport closures. When I contacted Priscilla, she was more than just help, she was a relief. She helped provide a list of all flight options available, and made sure he was book for several different flights. She also provided feedback on the airport status of reopening. She kept in contact with me, and following up on his flight status for two days, until he was in the air heading back home.”

~a Thankful Travel Manager

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September 2011: "Denver Puts Out The Welcome Mat"
August 2011: "Finding the Good in the FAA Fiasco"
July 2011: "Tourism Dollars Pay Off"
June 2011:
"Denver Loves Mexico... But is it Safe to Go?"
May 2011: "Travel Wars are On"
April 2011: "Is There an App for That?"
February 2011: "And in this Corner..." (AA-GDS battle)
January 2011: "Hitting the Road in 2011" (Annual Predictions)

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