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“Italy has left me speechless. The efforts you made in planning our trip has made this beyond memorable. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness and expertise. I look forward to working with you again and again!”

~A.P., After vacationing in Italy

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September 2011: "Denver Puts Out The Welcome Mat"
August 2011: "Finding the Good in the FAA Fiasco"
July 2011: "Tourism Dollars Pay Off"
June 2011:
"Denver Loves Mexico... But is it Safe to Go?"
May 2011: "Travel Wars are On"
April 2011: "Is There an App for That?"
February 2011: "And in this Corner..." (AA-GDS battle)
January 2011: "Hitting the Road in 2011" (Annual Predictions)

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From CBS4 Denver: Are Spring Break Deals All Gone? (video will auto-play)
Live In-studio Appearance Taped 3-1-11

From 9News Denver: Fuel Prices Could Put the Brakes on that Getaway
Portions Taped in Polk Majestic Offices 3-1-11

From The Beat: LETTERS... Regarding Open Axis director’s comments
Article Posted 2-8-11

From The Beat: Open Axis Director Fields TMC Exec’s Questions On Air-GDS Issue
Article Posted 1-27-11

From TravelPort: Polk Majestic Travel Group Renews Partnership
New Release Distributed 1-27-11

From ColoradoBiz Magazine: In this Corner... A Travel Agents Take on the AA Battle
Article Posted 1-25-11

From The Beat: GUEST: TMC Exec Polk Asks ’What Am I Missing?’ On Air-GDS Issue
Article Posted 1-11-11