When planning meetings and conferences, showcasing the latest innovations, efficiency and automation are imperative.

ETM has carefully chosen internal technology that enforces secure and efficient online registration, automated payments and reporting. ETM will provide customized real-time reports exactly how you want them.

we’re on top of things

When it comes to on-site technology standards, ETM is in tune with current trends. Utilizing our trusted suppliers, we offer technology recommendations based on our combined, vast experience and expertly implement into every client meeting and conference.

technology benefits

  • Save administrative time and human errors on registration details by utilizing ETM’s custom built registration sites
  • The online registration process makes booking tickets, activities and payments convenient and efficient.
  • Custom reporting available instantly. We can track real-time updates from guest count to flight changes and everything in between.
  • A streamlined ticketing process to ensure time, budget and airline parameters are met.