Lehi Mills

Lehi Mills, SVP, Technology – North America

A seasoned and innovative IT leader, Lehi Mills has the proven ability to manage all aspects of global information technology. By monitoring the rapidly changing market technologies, Mills is known to develop proprietary technologies, assist with streamlining Travizon systems for operational efficiency and provide strategic solutions to our clients. His focus on the preservation of technology standards and compliance regulation, give an edge to clients and operation of the staff and technologies under his charge.

As CTM North America’s SVP of Technology, Mills provides groundbreaking technology solutions. With over 20years of industry experience, Mills can be credited with a long list of proprietary technology initiatives. He is responsible for delivering state-of-the-art corporate travel technologies that fuel growth, automate key processes, and reduce program expenses. In 2013 he developed Corporate Travel Management’s (formally known as Travizon’s) breakthrough travel itinerary system, Global Insight Itineraries. GI Itineraries is a proprietary platform, designed to meet the needs of today’s corporate travelers, while providing a completely ad-free experience. Mills is best known for developing CTM’s proprietary global reporting platform and was also instrumental in developing CTM’s Meeting Command Center for Event Travel Management clients.

Prior to overseeing CTM’s IT operations, Mills worked as the Research & Development Director for Himark Software. Additionally, in 2005 Mills was published in Aspatore Books’ Inside the Minds: The Role of a CTO/CIO with a chapter on Technology Management Strategies.