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CASE STUDY: Large Scale Sporting Event - CTM Sport

CTM Sport partnered with the International Cricket Council (ICC) as travel manager for the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2022, held in New Zealand across 10 weeks from early February to mid-April.

In total, CTM Sport arranged air travel for more than 2500 players, officials (such as match referees and umpires) and support crew, including international broadcast teams.

Read on to learn how.


CTM Sport featured a dedicated team, who was available across 24 hours, seven days.

In the leadup to, and during the event, the CTM Sport team were located in the ICC WCW22 operations centre in Auckland (destinations in this tournament were Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Tauranga, and Hamilton).

Features of the partnership included:

  • A total of 55 charter flights and approximately 800 domestic (commercial) flights booked for the teams and supporting officials. Notably, Covid 19 restrictions in New Zealand constantly changed during the tournament, demanding a “bubble” arrangement for each team. This meant ensuring that teams and/or match officials did not share charters or commercial flights, placing high demand on last minute scheduling with significant changes to travel plans.
  • Recognition of match results and how they impacted on team travel; the CTM Sport team monitored match results and scheduled flights accordingly immediately upon completion of matches. As the tournament evolved into the knockout rounds, after each match, teams would be drawn to play at various locations determined by the result – this meant confirming flights and ticketing tickets late that night, for travel the following morning.
  • Blocked booking of commercial/charters seats and load management/seat allocation to ensure the ICC was not paying for “unused” seats, by handing back inventory to suppliers in a timely fashion. CTM Sport also negotiated excess baggage allowances in advance.
  • After initial arrangement with Air New Zealand Groups, last minute negotiation of charter flights as Covid 19 restrictions impacted on scheduling and consequent “bubble” requirements.
  • Travel support for international media, resulting in more than 300 extra flights accessing our pre-arranged blocked seating on commercial flights. This included managing timing for inbound quarantine release, and additional excess baggage for substantial amount of equipment.
  • CTM Sport arranged dedicated check-in areas at all airports for teams and allowances to keep athletes away from general public spaces to minimize Covid 19 exposure.
  • Implementing ICC access to the Lightning Online Booking Tool for staff and officials movement to make online domestic bookings as required.


The CTM Sport ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2022 partnership was hugely successful, meeting deadline and budget expectations throughout the tournament and ensuring the event proceeded seamlessly despite the impact of Covid 19 adding complexity to the already demanding nature of a high-profile World sport tournament.

There is no sporting event too big or too small for CTM Sport.

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