PSCU Candidate Travel


Live. Work. Play. What is the ideal mix? PSCU employees will tell you there's no need for such distinction when the work you do makes you happy, and the people you work for treat you with respect.

*** IMPORTANT: Personal Information ***
Please put your name exactly how it appears on your passport. Failure to do so will cause complications which we may not be able to remedy, such as the inability to use the ticket.

*** VISAS/Passports ****
If you need a visa letter or passport assistance, please contact recruiting@pscu.com for further assistance

If you have a mobility impairment, please let us know so we can accommodate your needs accordingly.
Travel information

*Please note that preferred departure time and preferred return time reflect when the plane is taking off, not landing. Please plan accordingly.

Unless otherwise noted, car rental will not be provided. Candidates are instructed to take Taxi/Uber/Lyft.