Alicia Guerra, Saperen TravelAlicia Guerra, Saperen Travel.
Photo taken in Peru, South America, 2012
Member since: November 2011

“I was so excited to join the professionals of Allure Travel by CTM. They welcomed me into their industry and helped me find ways to create my unique travel niche, without reinventing the wheel. With their support, assistance, and expertise, I was able to create my own unique offering by remaining focused on the traveler experience.”

Alicia Guerra was looking for a new opportunity. With a background in healthcare administration, she had spent a career solving individual problems and bringing a level of customer service excellence into the healthcare arena. Her passion was providing excellent service.

Her personal passion was being transformed by travel experiences. Knowing little about the travel industry, Alicia turned to Allure Travel to help bring her passions together.

“I strive for my clients to return from a trip with a new sense of who they are and marvel at how the journey has transformed them,” Alicia says.

Alicia dove in head first, and attended the Signature Travel Network sales conference with a group of Allure Travel professionals in her first weeks as a travel consultant. There she developed some key relationships that sparked her niche marketing ideas.

Alicia saw an opportunity to take advantage of the anticipation phase of a trip to educate and enlighten the group. Alicia dreamed of planning, organizing, and guiding trips that would become the benchmark for future travel. Experiences that involved pre- and post- trip engagement, physically connecting to a destination, and travelling in context to the history of a place, the experiences of its people and the current events you can experience first-hand.

The professionals at Allure Travel helped guide her to experts and destinations specialists who assisted her in creating a proof of concept trip. In her first endeavor, Alicia guided a group of friends and family on a biking trip through Holland.

“Most trips involve some physical activity because this brings you to the grass roots level of a culture and country.  Experiencing the sights, flavors, and landscape of a distant land is enhanced by interacting with the locals,” says Alicia. “This is easily accomplished from the seat of a bike or in a pair of hiking boots.”

Her concept was so successful that she had no trouble filling her second excursion to South America, where she and her clients biked and hiked through the wonders of Peru. On her next journey, she will help her clients experience Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.

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