“Allure Travel CTM is one of the most innovative and progressive travel agencies I've worked with, in terms of the services it offers its clients, the tools it offers its employees and their honest, straight forward approach with all staff. No company can achieve the type of growth Allure Travel has experienced unless these elements are in place.

Most owners try to do a bit of everything, never get around to growing sales, and end up treading water. "Good to Great" by Jim Collins must have rubbed off on the leadership at Allure.”

~ Philip A. Bryant; Denver, CO

"I have been a travel agent for 30 years and this is the best agency I have ever worked with. They offer the best training seminars, great support and the people are the best in the industry. It is a wonderful community."

~ Melanie Kelly; Denver, CO

“Having been in the leisure travel business for over 30 years it is a privilege and pleasure to work with Allure Travel. From day ONE I was greeted with open arms and with an entire staff ready to assist with training, special requests from my clients, problem solving and more.

I have observed the valued relationship Allure has with our vendors and know our vendors have great respect for our company and our staff. Allure really listens to its agents and values their input on all matters. I have also valued our Signature affiliation. I work with Signature on a weekly, if not daily, basis for my clients and appreciate Signature's offerings and special attention to my clients.”

~ Betsy Lind; Colorado Springs, CO

“Getting in front of supplier reps is huge and an important aspect of being an independent agent. I have opportunities to learn and participate in trainings that are invaluable to developing my destination and cruise expertise. I also love the Signature Travel Network for the marketing program and the value it brings to the table for my clients.

Naturally, the support from Allure Travel by CTM staff is amazing. The camaraderie and networking opportunities with other agents is a great resource, as well as a way to not feel so isolated.”

~ Elaine Flick; Destinations Celebrations, Denver, CO

“I appreciate Allure's Quality Control, Technology Support, Agent Helpdesk and the IT desk. It is great to have their support and assistance.

Sales reps seem to be impressed that we are part of Allure Travel by CTM.”

~ Toni Barnett, CTC; Boulder Travel, Boulder, CO

“Allure Travel by CTM has been a wonderful home for me as an independent agent. The staff is outstanding in their knowledge and willingness to help in any way they can. Constant learning/training from the convenience of your home. Many opportunities to meet with various vendors as well. A company that is on top with its technology and one that really wants its agents to succeed.”

~ Rosemary Willis; Denver, CO

“I have worked with Allure Travel by CTM for 4 years. I should have made the change years before. Allure is the best travel company I have ever worked for. They care about each and every one of us. I hope to be here for the rest of my career!”

~ Karima Tannis; Colorado Springs, CO

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