Our ‘Don’t Miss’ Education Sessions at GBTA

CTM is busy planning our attendee time at GBTA 2018. With over 100 education sessions, there is a lot to learn!

There are so many great sessions to choose from. With over 20 CTM staff members on site for the show, we are lucky we can divide and conquer.

If you are a team of one and need help creating your personal agenda, here are our “don’t miss” sessions this year:

  • To support multi-national programs:

A common pitfall of global programs is approaching consolidation without a cultural understanding of each market. This session is sure to help our global customers approach new markets with local sensitivity.

Creating Cultural Competencies: Developing a Global Mindset, Mon. August 13

  • To support program cost transparency:

The potential for wholesale airfares to include a TMC markup is a huge risk to your travel investment. This session will give you everything you need to know to spot red flags and ensure airfares provided by your agency partner are transparent.

Fare Mark-Ups – The Elephant in the Travel Cost Room, Mon. Aug 13

  • To challenge your perspective:

Challenging traditional approaches is critical to our success as a travel management company! Challenging the traditional perception of savings could lead to new approaches for improving overall program value and return on investment.

Stop Praying To The False God Of Savings, Mon. August 13

  • To help you evaluate emerging technology:

Don’t just hit the sessions from the industry’s emerging technologies and startup partners. Walk away from this session with objective tools to help you evaluate new technology.

Travel Tech Momentum: Separating Hype from Reality, Mon. August 13

  • To hit the unavoidable hot topic head on:

It is the elephant in the room. Direct channels. Personal buying. Emerging industry certifications. Make sure you understand the hottest of industry buzzwords with three specific NDC sessions:

NDC – Buyers’ Perspective, Mon. August 13 

NDC – Should you care? Why the Hype – Part I (Airlines), Tues. Aug 14

NDC – Beyond the Hype – Part II (TMC/GDS View), Tues. Aug 14

  • To learn about yourself:

Be sure to out something on your agenda just for fun. We recommend living curiously…or was it improving memory?

How to Live a Curious Life, Tues. Aug 14

Improve Your Memory as a Travel Professional, Tues. Aug 14

If you are a CTM client attending GBTA, be sure to talk with your Account Manager about recommended sessions targeted to help you advance your specific travel program goals.

We hope to see you in San Diego! Stop by booth # 2951 for the latest on CTM technology, service and how we can drive your return on investment.

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