Top Five Tips for Attending GBTA

GBTA Convention 2018 is right around the corner. If you have gone before, you know how important it is to strategize before you get there.

With over 100 education sessions and more than 400 supplier exhibitors, GBTA is not an event you can invest in attending and improvise when you get there. In order to deliver value back to your company, plan ahead of time to be sure you come home with the right information and relationships to support your go forward strategy.

Here are CTM’s top five tips for making the most of your time at GBTA!

1. Know who to see and who to skip.

    • Know who you want to meet before you get there! Look through the exhibitors, consider your program goals for the next 12 months and ensure that you are connecting with both current and potential partners to understand the market landscape. Make a list of “must see” and “may see” exhibitors to ensure you don’t miss anyone critical to advancing your program. Check out the 2018 Exhibitor List.
    • We know it is all about suppliers, but remember to collaborate with your peer network! Don’t miss this opportunity to network with thousands of peers from similar industries, with similar challenges, and similar program goals. If you aren’t sure how to connect, ask CTM, or your current vendor partners, to introduce you to like-minded peers with whom you can create mutually beneficial relationships!

2. Know how to make the most of your time.

    • Don’t try and meet everyone on day one and don’t get stuck visiting everyone on the last day! Set appointments before you get to San Diego with key partners and potential suppliers to maximize your time. Avoid the crunch on the last day to see all your “must see” partners. Use GBTA’s My Convention Planner to schedule your booth visits.

3. Know where everything is.

    • Know how to get around. Get up to speed on transportation as well as expo hall floor plans. Make sure you maximize your time by setting appointments that take the size and scale of the expo hall into consideration. Scheduling appointments close in proximity on the expo floor will save you time and energy. Check out the 2018 Expo Floor Map.

4. Know when you have free time.

    • Don’t limit yourself! Do visit a variety of booths, including current and potential suppliers. While you are scheduling those appointments, maximize the expo floor footprint by leaving time in between to visit the booths that interest you in person. You never know what you might learn or who you might run into!

5. Know what tools can make it easier.

    • Ensure early access to event updates, appointment systems and expo info. The 2018 GBTA Event App is now available!
Bonus tip!

Don’t miss the CTM booth! Selfish, we know, but it wouldn’t be a trip to GBTA unless the CTM family is able to welcome you to our booth! Stop by booth # 2951for the latest on CTM technology, service and how we can drive your return on investment. We hope to see you there.

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