This Month in Travel News – May 2019

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How is the travel industry changing in 2019?

How are tech buzzwords like AI, robotics, and IoT affecting business travel?

According to CIO Applications, we should expect emerging technologies to support a personalized experience. Their ideas include new tech that could improve the customer experience, the buying experience, and the travel journey in 2019.

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Other Travel News for You

How artificial intelligence is transforming business travel

Can machine learning and artificial intelligence help you improve the traveler experience and create user-friendly business travel solutions for your organization?  Read more »


When life happens: Delta launches Reclaim My Status customer loyalty benefit

If a new baby or a new job kept you from traveling and your frequent flyer status lapsed, Delta’s recently announced “Reclaim My Status” benefit can help. Read more » 


Report: New York Is Most Expensive City for Business Travel

At nearly $800 a day on average, business travel to the Big Apple can cost big bucks. The high cost is influenced greatly by high hotel demand. Read more »


 Travel Managers: Fraud and Data Breaches on the Rise

According to a recent report published by GBTA and AirPlus, two-thirds of surveyed travel buyers agree fraud and data breaches are on the rise. Read more »


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