Travel Assurance

We provide quality checks from the time of ticketing to the time of travel—from our final quality checks prior to ticketing to our 24/7 lower fare search and seat improvement searches that run until the time of travel. And, only CTM also searches for lower hotel and car rental rates from the time of booking to the time of check-in.

  • Compares profile information and company policy to ensure both company and traveler preferences are met
  • Search Apollo reservations 24 hours per day, seven days a week to see if fare reductions have affected your reservation
  • If your preferred seat is unavailable at the time of booking, search around the clock until the point of departure
  • Wait-listed segments can be checked up to four times per day to secure the reservations you need


Quality Control

Our proprietary quality assurance and auto-ticketing process is a multifaceted system that encompasses several underlying technologies, human touch, and attention to detail to guarantee every ticket is right every time. Each reservation is electronically read to ensure both policy compliance and accuracy.

Low Fare Search

Our systems can electronically search for lower fares on your ticketed itineraries 24 hours per day, right up until take-off. CTM can also perform automatic searches for lower hotel and car rental rates after reservation.

Seat Assignments

When your preferred seat is not available at the time of ticketing, our seat improvement system can electronically search for your favorite seat assignment 24 hours per day, right up until take-off.


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