The Best and the Worst Parts of a Trip, According to CTM Business Travelers

Business travel can be a double-edged sword, sometimes offering an upgrade and free wifi from a beautiful airline lounge, or sometimes a missed connection, long security wait, or the dreaded middle seat.

In late 2018, CTM surveyed our North American traveler base to determine the main points of both friction and enjoyment of business travel. This allows us to identify strategies, tools, and services that can both improved the traveler experience and support our customers’ business goals.

Read on to see what business travelers want their travel managers to know:

What is the best part of a business trip?

As suspected, travelers like the variety and opportunity that travel presents! Nearly a quarter of travelers indicate that adding variety and opportunity to their role is the best part of a trip.

Best Part of Business Travel

The largest group, including nearly 28% of respondents, indicate that traveling in comfort is the best part of a business trip. Does your policy support the traveler experience and reduce traveler friction? Are you maximizing your soft dollar rewards to incent and reward your road warriors?

Redeem supplier rewards according to an established policy to incent road warriors, reducing traveler friction and stress!

Interestingly, as frequency of travel increases, the best parts of a business trip are consistent, but the enjoyment of visiting new places drops off sharply when travel increases from 10 to 11 or more trips a year. Similarly, younger travelers cite visiting new places as one of the best parts of a business trip; this drops sharply for travelers over 45. Are you encouraging bleisure travel components and destination enjoyment within your program?

What is the Worst Part of a business trip?

Time away from family is the worst part of business travel according to 34% of respondents. Following closely, flight disruptions is the worst part of business travel for 28% of respondents.

The Worst Part of Business Travel

When traveling more than 3 times per year, the toll of time away from family increases sharply.

Infrequent (11%) and moderate (15%) business travelers are not as savvy as road warriors at keeping up with work tasks while on the road and cite that as the worst part of a trip, compared to frequent travelers (only 4%). Are you incorporating tools and policies to help them remain efficient? For example, a simple solution like incorporating wi-fi as a service plans into your travel policy and program can increase efficiency, and reduce cost.

A simple solution incorporating wi-fi as a service plans into your traveler toolkit can increase efficiency and reduce overall cost.

Travelers age 35-44 are most likely to cite time away from family as the worst part of a business trip. Travelers over age 45 are most likely to cite flight disruptions as the worst part of a trip. Emerging trip disruption apps, virtual payment systems, and rate tracking services can help ease the burden of being away and reduce the friction caused by unforeseen schedule changes.

Whether your company is home to young travelers or seasoned veterans, businesses must help road warriors feel connected and comfortable while they are away. Work with your internal stakeholders and TMC partner to reduce the stress of business travel, and keep your road warriors happy and healthy on the road.

Take the time to properly assess how the travel category can contribute to your overall business objectives. Use traveler feedback loops to identify emerging services and disrupter platforms that can improve the traveler experience and drive compliance and savings, such as trip disruption apps, wi-fi as a service plans, virtual payment systems, rate tracking services, and more.

Our expertise will assist you in developing the right strategies, which will deliver optimum savings to your bottom line.