Increasing Hotel Attachment

Do your travelers often book accommodations outside of your managed program? Do you struggle to increase land component attachment to your corporate air bookings?

Not only can hotel and car bookings outside your managed program reduce your ability to leverage your total investment in accommodation and ground transport, it also creates risk to supporting your duty of care responsibilities and efficient reconciliation processes.

Here are the most common ways we help our customers increase land booking attachment to air bookings to reduce risk, ensure consolidated spend for supplier leverage, and increase overall savings and satisfaction.

Use Compliance Coding

CTM works with our customers to establish consistent and simple compliance coding for all reservations. This, combined with subsequent exception reporting when land components or preferred suppliers are not selected in the booking process, allows greater visibility to travelers’ choices and the reasons for booking outside the managed program. CTM reports on land component attachment and preferred to air bookings for both immediate behavior modification, trend analysis, and targeted traveler communications to drive the value of your managed program.

Include All Available Rates

By integrating web content alongside GDS hotel rates and your negotiated rates, CTM helps our clients achieve substantial savings, as well as enhanced supplier negotiations through greater trackable spend. We will support your preferred supplier portfolio by flagging your preferred vendors in our systems for easy recognition and traveler compliance, as well as easy comparison of your negotiated rates against direct rates and pre-paid internet rates to . This boosts traveler confidence and ensures that reservations booked without a land component, or accommodation outside your preferred partners, are easily identified through exception alerts and reporting for both immediate behavior modification as well as trend analysis and ongoing education.

Communicate Expectations

Leverage your digital travel tools, including your online booking engine, traveler portal, reporting systems, and internal communication channels to drive traveler behavior. For example, to increase combined air, hotel and car bookings through the online tool, we can employ pop up messaging, flag preferred suppliers, and collect consistent information on why a land component was not booked at the same time as the air itinerary. CTM agent teams encourage attachment using scripted communications with specific calls to action for your travelers. By using consistent approaches across online tools and agent interactions, CTM reinforces the importance of hotel attachment to your travelers.

Are your land attachment rates thwarting your efforts to achieve maximum program efficiency? Contact CTM today to see how we can help you increase compliance, leverage your consolidated spend, and support your duty of care responsibilities.