NDC: a challenge and opportunity for travel management

As a global provider of travel management services, Corporate Travel Management (CTM) has a responsibility to remain at the cutting edge of the ever-changing business travel landscape.

One of the latest evolutions to have a far-reaching impact on the industry is the New Distribution Capability (NDC). Headed up by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the NDC is a new technology standard that provides direct connections between airlines, travel agencies and travel technology providers. The aim is to enhance the capability of communications and demonstrate the entire value suppliers can show to their customers.

First to market

CTM is known for being first to market and we knew when IATA shared their NDC vision we couldn’t take a wait-and-see approach. So, we immediately began collaborating with airline and technology partners around the world. We wanted to ensure our customers would have seamless access to the best travel content and market competitive prices to drive better value to their travel programs. CTM has the luxury of having our own technology in each of the four regions we operate and, therefore, we have the flexibility to drive innovation that is relevant to these locations.

CTM was announced as an early adopter of several airline NDC programs, promoting direct content channels with major international airline carriers. CTM also became Level 3 NDC certified by IATA. We are one of the first global travel management companies to achieve this significant milestone, and have since been joined by GDS partner Sabre.

What will the NDC mean for users?

There are many ways the NDC could facilitate a better buying experience. It allows airlines to provide users with direct access to rich content that is more relevant to their travel preferences. This may include better fare comparison information and visibility of a wide variety of ancillary extras, such as more meal, baggage and seat allocation options.

Airlines can also improve filtering and search capabilities, while NDC also enables for the use of different media types, such as images and video. Travel managers will be able to control access levels and utilize advanced reporting capabilities.

Technology offering

A key differentiator allowing CTM to attain the highest NDC certification was our proprietary technology. CTM’s world-class development team works out of four global technology hubs, utilizing direct customer feedback to ensure the most user-friendly and locally relevant travel tools.

The flexibility of CTM’s technology and the agility of our development teams, coupled with solid industry relationships and company processes, means we are both equipped and committed to integrating NDC into our platforms. CTM can deliver NDC content to users through our own proprietary SMART Technology platform and our connection capabilities are production ready now with some airlines.


To have our own NDC Level 3 compliant travel tools puts CTM in a good position to deliver highly relevant and customizable content to customers in the way they want it. It also reaffirms our commitment to providing customers with innovative solutions and first-to-market technology.

Looking ahead

It seems that just about every day there is a new announcement related to the NDC. CTM continues to work with a range of airlines and technology partners across the industry on NDC connection capabilities.

The NDC program is set to have a profound effect on how air travel is booked and marketed to travelers in the years to come. CTM is excited about what this future will bring, as we continue to partner with our suppliers to produce great technology and efficient processes that will best service our customers’ needs across the globe.

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