Round-the-clock Travel Support

Corporate travel never sleeps. At any moment all over the world, countless business travelers are on the move, catching flights, checking in to hotels, squeezing in some work while in transit.

When fulfilling essential business tasks takes your staff away from loved ones, it is critical to provide them the support and technology they require, anywhere, anytime.

As a global provider of travel management services, CTM ensures assistance is always on hand, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. CTM has the tools and high touch service you need to ensure your travelers can overcome any obstacle while on the road.

24/7 Technology

The modern business traveler faces several complex challenges. Juggling busy work schedules to attend important meetings in often unfamiliar surroundings demands a high degree of organization.

CTM’s technology solutions give your travelers complete control of all aspects of their travel needs.

  • At any time of day or night travelers can book and check-in to flights, organize accommodation, access travel documents, process expenses, or receive real-time alerts and updates.
  • Our fast, intuitive and reliable tools inform travelers about breaking news as it happens, making sure they are across any relevant events that may impact their travel.
  • CTM’s technology allows for last-minute bookings while our tracking tools keep travelers and employers connected.
Getting personal

Business travel can be emotional. This is equally the case for a short, domestic journey as it is for traveling internationally or to remote locations.

While travel technology is a key enhancer for customer satisfaction, it must be supported by exceptional personal service.

  • In times of need a friendly, familiar voice can make all the difference. CTM’s dedicated consultants make it their priority to understand the travelers’ specific requirements to help reduce anxiety and maximize safety.
  • Travel managers have 24/7 access to transformational data that can assist your organization to not only support risk management strategies, but also improve behavior and implement suitable travel policies, saving both time and money.
  • Our account management teams weave themselves into the fabric of your business. This allows us to provide a level of support that simply isn’t available outside of a managed travel program.

Whether rearranging trip details at the last minute or having contingencies in place to handle an unexpected weather event, CTM’s travel solutions provide complete peace of mind.

Out of hours

Unforeseen events can impact travel at the most inconvenient times. Weather events don’t always strike during business hours and cancellations are always a surprise. That is why CTM prioritizes local after-hours travel support for our customers.

  • Unlike many travel management companies, we do not outsource our after-hours service, so local and knowledgeable assistance is available at any time.
  • CTM’s after-hours teams are manned by experienced consultants with access to the same systems as your business hours team, such as reservations, traveler profiles, negotiated supplier rates and policy information.
  • Our after-hours teams can manage last-minute bookings, changes or cancellations and resolve any other issues. CTM’s 24/7 solutions can also be quickly scaled up during busy periods or times of crisis.

For companies of all sizes, CTM provides the round-the-clock reassurance you need, leaving your road warriors free to get on with the job.