Top Travel Challenges Facing Companies of All Sizes

Companies of various sizes face unique challenges in managing a successful business travel program. CTM has outlined key concerns and potential solutions based on travel program size for our Small Business, Mid-Size and Enterprise Organization customer groups.

Small business

Challenge: Creating a managed travel program

Moving from an unmanaged program to a managed travel program through sanctioned online and offline booking channels creates unique challenges. Navigating what is available to your business to minimize your travel costs, support duty of care elements, and create a managed program can seem intimidating.

Solution: Leverage tools and communicate value

By utilizing a single source for business travel solutions, you will provide your company greater visibility of spend levels, offer a higher duty of care by knowing where your travelers are at any time, and give your company opportunities to capitalize on supplier rewards and leverage discounts from a trusted travel management company.

Communicate value and efficiency of using approved agent, online and mobile booking channels. Communicate advantages of using integrated tools and technology, including mobile apps. Clearly share the greater ability to support duty of care, traveler tracking, and 24/7 client support.

Mid-size Corporations

Challenge: Curb leakage and increase adoption

According to a new GBTA study, more than 70% of travel buyers say that enforcing travel policy and compliance is the hardest part of their job. Your company travelers may choose to book direct, avoid online tools, or do not understand your company’s travel policy.

Solution: Mandate compliant behavior

To curb non-compliant behavior, you must identify reluctant users and leverage user-driven tools that bring value to the traveler experience. Start by reviewing your policy to identify opportunities to drive visibility and accommodate user needs. Leverage supplier rewards earned by the company to reward compliance, and clearly communicate expectations and conduct in-person and on-demand training sessions.

CTM is an experienced partner that has assisted clients from moving from a non-mandated to a fully mandated travel program, while increasing understanding and adoption. We help our clients reduce costs and increase adoption by assisting our customer in creating a robust travel policy, supplier strategy and marketing communication plan to increase traveler understanding and participation.

Large Enterprise Organizations

Challenge: Create consistency without sacrificing service

Creating and managing a large enterprise travel program must provide organizational visibility and support departmental and/or local needs. Whether you are managing multiple business units, a diverse brand portfolio, or multiple global geographies, can be a challenge to drive consistency, visibility, traveler engagement and personal service levels across large organizations.

Solution: Leverage synergies to create efficiency

CTM helps our clients create tailored solutions that meet unique and diverse needs across large enterprise organizations. Large organizations must capitalize on all areas available to create efficiencies—HR data feeds, billing and payment processes, and preferred vendor programs—but take the time to tailor workflows to meet all local and or departmental need. Part of the tailoring process also involves traveler and booker engagement to assess critical elements needed to support employee productivity and service needs. This mitigates a one-size-fits all approach that can lead to program resistance and leakage.

By selecting a travel management partner with a strong global footprint and a nuanced approach to client service and key stakeholder engagement, you will capitalize on global consistencies while ensuring localized personal service. CTM identifies and collects a consistent SMART Data dataset across large enterprise customers to support visibility while tailoring service and program feedback loops at the local and/or department level. This ensures we help our client create efficiencies without sacrificing service levels.

Regardless of travel program size, the key to a successful travel management program is to align with a travel partner that can deliver tailored solutions strategically aligned with your program objectives. Equally important is to have traveler engagement and feedback in real time which will provide insights into areas that need to be actioned or enhanced within the travel program which will ultimately translate into greater program compliance and employee productivity.