Case Study

Service: Responsive delivery


Every film production requires a capable travel service that responds in-the-moment to the dynamic, changing needs of its cast and crew. The service must also employ cost-savings measures that keep the travel tab under budget. For a large production that filmed primarily in Baton Rouge with some footage shot in Rio De Janeiro, these needs covered roughly 85 percent of the project’s 966 production staff and crew, and more than 100 cast. CTM provided responsive, round-the-clock service to ensure that all travel proceeded smoothly and under budget.


When a major movie production selected Baton Rouge as its primary site, the project’s coordinators knew they would have to select an experienced travel management company with the industry relationships and skill necessary to meet the demands of a large production.

The key objectives for travel management services supporting the production were:

  • An adept, adaptive service that quickly meets travel needs, which are often in flux
  • A service that provides cost-savings measures to keep the travel tab under budget
  • Organized service that consistently delivers for more than 800 crew and 100 cast

Road Blocks

  • Travel had to be facilitated for two production sites, to include two weeks in Rio de Janeiro
  • The size of the production required a high level of organization to deliver consistent service
  • Travel services had to be available at a moment’s notice, at all hours of day or night


CTM assigned a dedicated Account Management Team which used information networks, industry relationships, and a propriety team management structure to deliver consistent, responsive, low-cost service in the dynamic environment of a large movie production.

CTM achieved this by:
  • Deploying an Account Management Team composed of four members, including one lead, which made use of a proprietary CTM team management structure. This proprietary structure ensures that every travel request is fulfilled in a timely manner, no matter the time of day or night, while also ensuring zero miscommunication error among team members.
  • Capitalizing on industry relationships developed over 11 years of entertainment travel management experience, with commercial entities such as airlines, hotels, and car rental companies, to negotiate contracts with significant discounts for the entertainment client.
  • Drawing on information networks to supply the lowest-cost travel plan that serves the scheduling needs of the client, even as these needs change from day to day and hour to hour.


Instant gratification of the production’s travel needs

When filming was concluded, the production’s travel coordinator said it was remarkable that, with a project of such size and complexity, not a single member of the production staff or cast was kept waiting at the airport for a ticket to be issued, or a car service to arrive. In every instance, for each of the approximately 820 members of the traveling production staff, and more than 100 members of the cast, all that was needed for travel was ready and in place.

At every turn, from minute to minute, whenever the production’s travel schedule or requirements changed, CTM was there to provide an immediate solution, no matter the hour. The production supervisor thanked CTM for its “help, hard work and long hours,” saying the project was “a bit of a travel ‘beast,’’ but CTM’s “support and expertise” pulled it off. The production coordinator raved, “Thanks for the countless nights and weekends. You really are great at what you do. I’m glad you are always there to take care of us.”

Travel needs delivered within budget

Through the use of information networks and industry relationships, CTM was able to deliver travel services within the budget of the production.

CTM has provided services of this caliber to the entertainment industry for 11 years. Its work on this project proves that it can do so for a large-scale production of significant size and complexity.