Bulk Upload

CTM’s Bulk Upload Tool can significantly cut booking times for those handling large group bookings or managing FIFO roster travel. Working with a formulated excel spreadsheet, the tool can automatically upload as many as 151 bookings in just 28 minutes – a substantial time saving when you consider how long it would take to process this many bookings individually.

The Bulk Upload Tool can save you substantial time when managing large travel bookings, such as those encountered in the FIFO market by using a simple pre-populated spreadsheet.


  • Increases productivity for travel bookers working with FIFO travel rosters or other large group bookings
  • Provides flight details in an easy to use spreadsheet
  • Eliminates the need for lodging individual flight requests
  • Saves passenger names, flight routings, flight numbers and flight times for ease of selection from a drop-down menu
  • Processes hundreds of bookings at a time