Case Study

Efficiency & Flexibility in Energy Industry Travel

Lloyd’s Register needed a partner that could manage service options and costs and make everything go smoother.

There are thousands of oil and gas rigs around the world, mostly situated in remote locations or in open water offshore. Ruth Oren’s job is to get people to these drilling outposts, as isolated as they may be. She is the logistics department manager in the Houston office of Lloyd’s Register Drilling Integrity Services, Inc. (LRDIS) and is responsible for the travel arrangements for the company’s oil and gas rig inspectors of both offshore and onshore facilities for major producers in the industry. These inspectors are constantly on the move and can be routed from a rig in the Gulf of Mexico to one off the coast of Angola at a moment’s notice. Ruth needed a partner that could manage service options and costs and make everything go smoother.

“We had been disappointed by other travel management companies,” says Ruth. “In the past, we were promised things that never materialized, so we were a little apprehensive about what CTM was promising.”

That concern didn’t last long. By listening to LRDIS’s needs and offering custom solutions, CTM was able to deliver competitive pricing, efficient and accurate routings, and a variety of alternative options.

Flexibility & Safety

“Cost is a concern, but not the only concern,” says Ruth. “We have people worldwide and we need to change plans regularly due to schedule or weather events. Someone can be off the coast of Nigeria and there may be a need to get them out of there and on to the next place in one day instead of two. The CTM team does a great job handling changes like that.”

RTM works for you 24/7

LRDIS takes advantage of CTM’s 24/7 service to assist travelers in all timezones:

  1. With CTM, Ruth says she receives better overall service, including responsive 24/7 coverage, and has also achieved lower costs.
  2. CTM’s network of offices throughout North America, Asia and Australia is a natural complement to LRDIS’s own global operations. At the same time, our Houston energy hub means Ruth’s travel partner is always close at hand.
  3. CTM has helped Ruth develop new reporting systems to track costs and plan more accurate budgets.