Travel Expense Management

CTM is integrated with the world’s leading EMS system providers, using the global standard for corporate expense management services. CTM offers a tool which can automate each step of the expense management process from report preparation and approval to policy compliance, reimbursements and automated integration with your finance system.

CTM’s expense management tool can assist you to enhance your expense process for cost effectiveness, efficiency and better planning, taking the hassle out of expenses for companies with large numbers of travelers.

Key System Benefits

  • Reduces the time and cost of expense reporting
  • Improves business process controls
  • Collects information for better decision making
  • Provides access on the go via a standard internet connection through a secure website
  • Automates each step of the travel and incidental expense management process
  • Provides greater visibility and control of employee spending
  • Eliminates data entry for cardholders and Accounts Payable
  • Manages various payment methods – such as corporate cards, cash and personal cards