Case Study

Excellence in Energy Industry Travel


As the North American headquarters of a global energy company engaged in the exploration, production, refining, and marketing of energy, Repsol Energy has demanding travel needs with 30 locations around the world. Travel planning requires precision and dexterity. It’s an around-the-clock, around-the-world responsibility that must be fulfilled flawlessly.


Ensure the highest service levels and also improve cost efficiencies

Repsol sought a travel management solution that would  ensure the highest service levels and also improve cost efficiency. Key objectives in reviewing their travel program included:

  • provide internal clients the highest level of personal service
  • refine and improve company travel policy
  • create cost efficiencies and recognize savings opportunities

Road Blocks

The nature of Repsol’s travel program presented road blocks common to the energy industry. These included:

  • increased worldwide projects and business opportunities for Repsol, requiring even more travel among company personnel
  • remote travel destinations rife with strikes and political unrest or involving complex routing, including planes, trains, ferries and buses
  • reporting was not optimized to mitigate duty of care obligations


After CTM was selected as Repsol’s preferred travel management provider through a year-long process, CTM’s experts in Oil, Gas and Energy industry travel got to work to create the personalized travel program that would exceed Repsol’s needs. CTM achieved this by:

  • performing detailed analysis of the current program and current policy for opportunities to improve service and accelerate savings
  • assigning a dedicated expert consultant with expertise in energy sector travel patterns, as well as extensive internatioal and remote destination knowledge
  • securing better rates for hotels, air travel and reducing other transportation costs by utilizing CTM preferred supplier  contracts and buying power
  • mitigating duty of care obligations by expanding pre-trip reporting and issuing travel alerts on any world events that might affect Repsol employees
  • implementing dedicated 24/7 services to provide customized services that meet Repsol requirements


“Working with CTM has proven to be very successful. Our travel planners and travelers receive an extremely high level of service,” says John Sebastinas, general services manager of Repsol Energy North America operations.

Typically, in his service role, Sebastinas hears only the complaints, but he has started receiving compliments on travel services now. Numerous Repsol travelers have shared stories of CTM going above and beyond their duties.

CTM demonstrated an ability to provide superior personal travel services while delivering cost efficiency and savings. Significant improvements to service and resulting savings are a direct result of industry expertise and relationship development.