Offshore Industry Travel Experts

CTM has proactively negotiated thousands of airfares specifically for the offshore workforce which offer flexibility and are available to companies of all sizes. Travelers in the oil and gas, exploration, production, seismic and wind industries may qualify for these exclusive airfares and enjoy considerable savings over published airfares.

We have firsthand experience in dealing with the challenges that arise when moving offshore workforce. We understand the need to quickly move workers to and from difficult-to-reach locations, which is why our travel specialists operate around the clock to ensure there is no compromise on level of knowledge, expertise or service.

CTM sources the lowest combination of negotiated airfares through our global offices, allowing us to choose the best value ticketing location for each route. These airfares can originate from any airport in the world and offer flexibility including free and oversized baggage, no airline imposed change or refund fees, and enhanced inventory. As an authorized distributor of these contracts, CTM is able to control the entire travel reservation process from inventory extraction, to pricing, ticketing, exchanges and refunds. This results in efficient delivery of our services and exceptional savings to our clients.

We offer fully- customized solutions for companies operating in the offshore sector. Our proven Shift Management Solution encompasses all possible solutions and has been adapted and refined over many years to deliver on a range of client needs. We also offer flexible billing solutions, including hotel payments, thus removing the need for advance payment by your staff or direct payments by travelers.

Companies in the offshore industry trust their travel plans to CTM because we bring the insight and tools that drive process efficiency and effectiveness.

Our specialists are available 24/7 because we know that your travel needs, like your business, never stop.


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