Shift Management

CTM’s Shift Management Solution will assist you to seamlessly manage your flights, accommodation and transportation for FIFO travelers based upon scheduled rosters. The system will capture any information you desire to assist with the reconciliation of a booking – including traveler details, project codes, cost centers and a large range of other information types.

Our proven Shift Management Solution encompasses all possible solutions and has been adapted and refined over many years to deliver on a range of client needs.


  • Makes Group and Charter flight bookings based on secured allotments
  • Ensures allotment allocations are not exceeded
  • Can load ad-hoc flights/sectors both pre-departure and in-flight
  • Pre-loads camps, trailers and other pre-booked accommodation into the system
  • Tailors access levels for certain travel bookers
  • Offers tailored reporting – including reporting by cost center/project, roster and month of travel by airline, camp or transfer
  • Sends itinerary and booking status directly to the traveler and travel booker
  • Flags when an itinerary is incomplete