Emergency Evacuation

Emergency situations often strike with little warning, and when they do, quick and decisive action is required to get your staff to safety. CTM has a proven crisis management process in place to ensure your workforce is looked after when they need it most – such as when in January 2011 CTM was called upon to relocate and accommodate more than 550 staff for CITIC Pacific in less than 24 hours in the face of a cyclone alert in Western Australia.

When disaster strikes, you need to have proven experience and processes on your side to ensure the safety of your workforce.


  • Proven experience in crisis management and evacuations
  • Existing strong relationships with suppliers to enable evacuations and access inventory even when capacity is exhausted – for example, in the CITIC Pacific evacuation, CTM worked with Qantas to divert a scheduled flight to allow the evacuation of additional staff when no other capacity was available
  • State of the art technology which can quickly locate and communicate with your contractors
  • 24/7/365 emergency assistance