Travel Management for the Energy Industry

CTM provides highly customized solutions for companies operating in the energy industry. We have extensive travel knowledge of all facets of this complex industry, so we can deliver enhanced value quicker to our clients. Our travel management solutions are defined by each client and can include local, regional or global service configurations.      

As an authorized distributor of energy airfares, we provide discounts to qualified travelers including offshore, onshore, exploration, subsea, drilling, oilfield, mining, wind energy, and maritime workers.

Companies can take advantage of our global specialty contracts immediately, regardless of size.

We hire and train specifically for the energy industry’s needs, offering the highest level of capability and knowledge to our clients 24 hours a day. As resource travel specialists, we are accustomed to frequent last minute changes and crew change patterns. We recognize the need to have specialist support around the clock and we offer a true “Follow the Sun” 24-hour service that is seamless and efficient.

Travel managers in the energy industry must trust their travel management company both in terms of customer care and safety to address travel which is complex, subject to constant change and often labor intensive. CTM delivers comprehensive travel solutions with higher levels of service, knowledge and value.


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