CTM Story



    Polk World Travel founded

    Frank Polk founds Polk World Travel. The company is later inherited by Robert Polk. More on the Polk Majestic story…



    Majestic Travel founded

    Dena Shpall founds Majestic travel with her husband after he retires. They start the company so they can travel and live life to the fullest. The company is later inherited by Andrea Shpall. More on the Polk Majestic story…



    USTravel founded

    Mark Eliason purchases Alaska-based Executive Travel and changes the name to USTravel. The company is later inherited by his wife and business partner Linda Eliason. More on the USTravel story…



    Diplomat Travel founded

    Denise Guida founds Diplomat Travel in the DC area after leaving Mark Moseley Travel. More on the Diplomat story…



    CTM founded in Brisbane, Australia

    Jamie Pherous founds Corporate Travel Management in a tiny office in Brisbane, Australia with just two employees.



    Diplomat acquires Mark Moseley Travel

    Diplomat acquires Mark Moseley Travel. More on the Diplomat story…



    TravelCorp founded

    Terry Weaver founds TravelCorp with a friend and one other employee. More on the TravelCorp story…



    Avia International founded

    Avia International, a boutique energy industry travel company, is founded by Antonella Ballatori in Houston, TX. More on the Avia story…



    Polk and Majestic merge

    Two travel powerhouses merge to become Polk Majestic Travel. More on the Polk Majestic story…



    TravelCorp acquires World Travel Partners

    TravelCorp acquires Baton Rouge-based World Travel Partners, significantly expanding its client base, staff, and reach. More on the TravelCorp story…



    USTravel acquires Doug Fox

    USTravel expands outward from the Last Frontier with the purchase of Doug Fox Travel & Cruise, a travel giant of the Pacific Northwest. More on the USTravel story…



    USTravel acquires Business Travel Northwest

    Seattle-based Business Travel Northwest further strengthens USTravel’s dominance of the region. More on the USTravel story…



    TravelCorp purchases Travel Services Everywhere

    The Ft. Worth-based company adds to TravelCorp’s significant footprint in the South. More on the TravelCorp story…



    TravelCorp purchases Acadiana Travel and Malcolm Travel

    Acadiana Travel of Lafayette, LA and Malcolm Travel of Baton Rouge, LA join the TravelCorp family. More on the TravelCorp story…



    CTM enters US with purchase of Polk Majestic

    Corporate Travel Management begins its long-planned entrance into the United States by acquiring Polk Majestic. Polk’s Denver office becomes the headquarters for CTM North America.



    CTM purchases TravelCorp

    CTM’s next step is to move south, acquiring TravelCorp to establish its presence in Texas and Louisiana.



    CTM acquires USTravel and Avia

    USTravel expands CTM’s reach into the Pacific Northwest, while Avia further strengthen’s CTM’s specialized energy-industry branch.



    CTM acquires Diplomat Travel and Chambers

    After acquiring Diplomat Travel of Virginia and UK-based Chambers Travel, CTM now operates in 46 cities, across 23 countries, on four continents and employs over 1,800 staff worldwide.

Growing strong

Jamie Pherous, managing director, founded Corporate Travel Management in Brisbane, Australia in 1994. At the time, he had a team of just two staff. Under his strategic management, CTM has since capitalized on intelligent growth and the incorporation of proprietary technology to excel at servicing its clients’ diverse travel needs.

From humble beginnings as a small company in Brisbane, to our present-day success as a global travel management company with more than 2,200 full-time employee staff, CTM has stayed true to its core values. CTM’s long-term dedication to the core values of providing a highly-personalized service, developing innovative and flexible client solutions, and demonstrating a positive return on investment for our services, has carried our company to the forefront of travel management in the world today.

CTM’s high-caliber service and performance has garnered the company several awards. The Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) named CTM the “Best National Corporate Travel Management Company in Australia” 10 times. Our founder was named one of the most influential travel executives of 2014 by the prestigious BTN Group in New York.

In recent years, CTM has brought into its fold a handful of carefully-selected travel management teams in the United States.

These companies have been instrumental in launching CTM into becoming the world-class global travel management company it is today. Together, these teams bring a level of experience, quality service, and leadership that matches CTM’s commitment to excellence.

Polk Majestic Travel was the first US company to join the CTM family. Former President Robert Polk picked up the reigns of his father’s business, Polk World Travel, which was established in Denver, Colorado in 1976. Later, in 2003, he joined forces with another family travel business with deep US roots, Majestic Travel, to form Polk Majestic Travel.

TravelCorp, a leader in Texas and Louisiana since 1995, joined CTM next.

Avia International, of Houston, Texas, and USTravel, of Anchorage Alaska and throughout the Pacific Northwest, were both companies boasting solid reputations for providing excellence in travel services to businesses, and in particular, the oil and gas industries and government travel sector. With the acquisition of these two companies, CTM has cemented its presence as an important provider of corporate travel services to the energy and government sectors in North America.

The addition of Diplomat Travel Services near Washington, D.C. made CTM a key player offering services in all major US time zones.

In January, 2016, CTM expanded its North American footprint and market share with the acquisition of California-based Montrose Travel.  Celebrating 60 years in business, Montrose Travel, a family owned travel management company, grew from 14 employees in 1990 to more than 230 today. Please visit montrosetravel.com and MTravel.com (for independent travel professionals).

In July, 2016, the acquisition of award-winning 40-year-old Travizon Travel, headquartered in Boston, MA made CTM one of the 10 largest travel management companies in the country just four years after entering the market.