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CASE STUDY: Cost Savings

Corporate Travel Management (CTM) delivers 21% cost savings through the development of a strategic travel management program.

Utilizing in-depth diagnostic analysis and expert industry insights, CTM was able to determine best practice policies and influence booking behavior, setting the client ahead of their cost-saving objectives.

Read on to find out how.

Banner - 21% cost savings despite 10% in travel activity


The client is a national electronics retailer with an annual travel spend of almost $2M.

CTM conducted a major review of the company’s travel policy with the aim of reducing travel costs for the business.


The key objectives were to design and implement a new travel policy for the client which would reduce total travel expenditure without impacting the number of trips taken. The key objectives were to:

  • Implement a new travel policy and approval process to maximize savings.
  • Achieve a target of $250k in annual savings on travel expenditure
  • Increase transparency of purchasing behavior.


Without a formal travel policy in place, the client was unable to accurately monitor and analyze their purchasing behavior against the company’s actual travel needs. This lack of structure presented CTM with a number of challenges that would ultimately determine their ability to meet the client’s objectives.

These included:

  • no formal structure or guidelines for air travel bookings
  • an over-reliance on a single preferred airline
  • an unsubstantiated dependence on fully flexible fares based upon a perceived need for travel flexibility


CTM first needed to fully understand the client’s existing purchasing behavior compared to their actual travel needs. This was achieved by conducting a three-month review of booking and travel trends to determine the legitimate need for flexible airfares versus the cost-saving opportunities presented by Best Fare of the Day.

Based upon the findings of the three-month trial, CTM was able to:

  • Implement a formal “open-skies” travel policy utilizing Best Fare of the Day fares across two airline networks
  • Develop a 14-day advanced purchase booking policy for domestic travel to maximize restrictive fare availability
  • Deploy and manage a pre-trip approval process
  • Run fortnightly Corporate Savings Reports to highlight further potential savings per booking


Within the first three months of implementing the new travel policy, the following cost reductions were achieved:

Travel spend decreased by 21% ($100k) in 3 months

By establishing a needs-driven travel policy based upon actual booking behavior and trends, the client achieved over $100k in travel savings despite a 10% increase in travel activity. This saving represents 42% of the company’s annual travel savings target during the first quarter of implementation. This result was achieved by reducing the company’s over-reliance on expensive fully-flexible fares by 40% and increasing domestic booking lead-in times.

Open skies policy shifts 50% market share to competitor airline

By implementing a stringent open-skies domestic airline policy, previously 100% dominated by a single airline, the client achieved a 50:50 market share between two airlines, increasing the range of best available airfares, schedules, and inclusions.

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