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Local solutions, delivered globally

CTM provides local service solutions to customers around the world. Please select your local region, and start experiencing the CTM difference!

Experts in Government Travel

CTM’s expert Government Travel team has more than 15 years of experience in providing customized and strategic travel management and fulfillment services to the federal government, states, universities and other publicly-funded institutions.

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Customized Travel Solutions

CTM’s dedicated Government Travel team provides you with the expertise and first-hand experience needed to deliver a well-managed and highly effective travel program, supporting maximum value, efficiency and safety for every travel stakeholder.

Our solutions include:

  • Developing customized travel policies that meet your travel program’s needs and objectives
  • Re-configuring work-flow processes
  • Contracting point-of-sale discounts with preferred airline carriers
  • Negotiating hotel and car rates
  • Cost control and data management
  • Increased online adoption for improved spend consolidation, efficiency and compliance
  • Re-engineered travel authorization processes and expense management reporting

Federal Government Contractor

CTM is a federal government contractor under Schedule 599. We are familiar with federal travel regulations, the Fly America Act, government fares as well as regulations and reporting requirements.

Re-engineering State Travel

Our Government Travel team are also highly experienced in working with state entities. These range from states with established travel policies in place, to states with wholly unmanaged travel.

Case Study: Customized state travel program delivers $2.4M annual savings

CTM’s Government Travel team was appointed to develop a strategic travel program for a state’s unmanaged annual travel spend of $60M. In collaboration with the client, our team re-engineered the travel program with customized services and technology solutions, delivering approximately $2.4M annual savings to the travel budget and establishing a fully managed, mature travel process.

Contact our expert Government Travel team to discuss your travel program’s objectives today.