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CTM launches integrated airline reassurance data into Lightning online booking tool
20 May 2020

As domestic travel restrictions begin to ease around the world, access to health and safety insights will be key to the resumption of business travel activity, according to global customer research conducted by Corporate Travel Management (CTM). Parts of the United States continue to re-open as Governors lift 14-day quarantine orders on visitors and residents returning from other states, with the current restrictions being continually reassessed. This week, CTM launched integrated airline reassurance data into its proprietary online booking tool Lightning, enabling CTM’s customers globally to view COVID-19-related airline service features alongside flight search results at the time of booking. Learn More

Return to Business Travel to Drive Economic Recovery
14 May 2020

14 May 2020 Return to business travel to drive economic recovery Seventy eight per cent of corporate travel customers globally believe that travel restrictions imposed in response to COVID-19 have had a negative impact on business growth, supporting the key role travel will play in economic recovery. The finding comes from a global survey of Corporate Travel Management (CTM) customers. Learn More

CTM to acquire Corporate Travel Planners, Inc (Texas, USA)
23 December 2019

Today, Corporate Travel Management Limited (CTM) (ASX code: CTD) announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire Texas based Corporate Travel Planners Inc (CTP), a company specializing in corporate travel services, with a focus on the University and Education sector. Subject to customary conditions precedent, the acquisition will become effective from 1 January 2020. Learn More

CTM “goes live” with Qantas Distribution Platform
27 November 2018

Corporate Travel Management (CTM) today confirmed its position at the forefront of the business travel market as the first Travel Management Company to enable a selection of its corporate customers to access live content from a new technology platform launched by airline, Qantas. Learn More