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5 May 2014

SMART Portal Changing the Travel Game for Ever



CTM’s revolutionary travel portal is now in its fourth week of release to a select number of trial customers. The excitement is palpable and the feedback flowing back from pilot users is nothing short of incredible.

To declare we expected such a response would perhaps be a touch conceited however after over a year of development behind closed doors we had an inkling that what we were doing would change the face of travel management technology as we know it. The best news of all? This is just the beginning for SMART!

For years, the audible cries for a centralized travel management tool within the market place had grown exponentially. The state of travel technology was struggling to keep up with user demands. These cries didn’t fall on deaf ears! CTM heard you and now we’re delivering a tool that not only centralizes all of your travel tools in a 21st century platform but is flexible enough to grow with you and your company’s ever changing requirements into the future. CTM’s Head of Marketing and Technology Solutions, Tom Clark couldn’t be happier with the first few weeks of the rollout saying ‘we are very pleased with the progress we have made in such a short period of time. Our approach to technology is delivering compelling insights and outcomes to our customers. Many of the applications we are launching are entirely new to the travel industry. We are excited about where we are going.’

CTM’s revolutionary SMART portal is now being rolled out. To talk about how you can get your company on board, please speak to your dedicated Client Value Manager.

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