Case Study: Cost Reduction – Traveler Internet Access

Multinational Technology CompanyA multi-national technology company has been a CTM client for over 6 years with offices across North America, EMEA, APAC and India and over 5,000 profiled travelers. As part of our continuous improvement planning strategy for all clients, CTM identified and communicated an opportunity to add convenience to road warriors, reduce traveler friction, drive down airline internet costs, and improve data security for employees.

The Challenge

Airline internet costs and data security were two key issues we identified among our clients’ road warriors. Specifically in our discussion our client revealed concerns surrounding:

  • Purchasing monthly package pricing through GoGo and or related providers did not provide the cost savings or data security needed for their travelers
  • Travelers using airport internet services had personal information compromised
The Solution

CTM introduced our client to iPass which provides a secure internet service for a flat monthly fee per traveler. iPass as a secure internet provider with more than 64 million hotspots in airports, hotels, airplanes, and public spaces in more than 180 countries and territories across the globe. This connection improves the traveler experience as can be accessed from anywhere while traveling and also increases data security.


Specifically, CTM worked with the customer to:

  • Identify potential savings outside of standard air, car and ground travel costs and channels
  • Identify improvements to the traveler experience based on wifi availability
  • Improve data security for travelers on the road
  • CTM introduced our client to the iPass solution and assisted with strategic solutions alignment
  • CTM assisted with internal communications to introduce travelers to the new solution

As a result of implementing iPass our client reduced traveler friction and wifi costs while traveling, added convenience, and provided enhanced data security. Our client is on track to save over $25,000 annually in internet costs while traveling. Traveler feedback has been positive, and the ease of use has provided a better travel experience for road warriors.