Making the most of GBTA: Keep the momentum!

The hardest part of returning from a trade show with dozens of great new ideas is the impossibility of capitalizing on all of them!

To make the most of your GBTA 2019 experience, here is our top tip to capitalize on what you’ve learned when you get home: Don’t try to do everything.

It is imperative we leverage major industry learning conferences to deliver value back to our organizations and harness the momentum of the event. But, taking on too many new initiatives can ultimately doom your chances of success.

Once you are back at your desk, we suggest you gather all those business cards, session notes, and program opportunities and align each one against your overall program strategy and goals.

Consider program requirements.

Consider each potential new solution, partner, or opportunity and gauge it’s feasibility, speed to delivery and overall potential impact to service or savings. Just because something is trending, does not mean it is a good fit for you or your travelers.

Don’t be afraid to table opportunities that just won’t work for your travelers or your organization.

Define measures of success.

Do you have a baseline or benchmark to measure against? How will you measure the anticipated program change, technology implementation, or savings initiative? Can you measure the success of your efforts? Can you identify the value it will bring to your travel program and your organization at large?

Don’t be afraid to de-prioritize initiatives where success cannot be measured!

Look for support.

Once you have analyzed the opportunities and potential risks, take program initiatives to your internal stakeholders. For all new initiatives, you will need the buy-in, approval, and support of your peers in your organization, as well as your TMC partner. Will your peers support the opportunity?

Don’t be afraid to ask for support on strategic initiatives!

Need help prioritizing and designing actionable strategies to apply to your program? Contact CTM today!