This Month in Travel News – March 2018

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Corporate Travel Management’s 25th birthday

We’ve taken a look back at some of the biggest changes to have revolutionized business travel during the past 25 years.

Business travel today is unrecognizable from 25 years ago. In 1994 it was an era of in-house travel agents, paper tickets and fax machines. It was also the year Corporate Travel Management (CTM) was founded in Brisbane, Australia. And from humble beginnings, the business has grown from a two-person team into one of the world’s most successful travel management companies.

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Other Travel News for You

European Entrance Requirements Changing in 2021

Starting in early 2021, Americans will need to register and submit information for pre-screening through the ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System) in order to travel to many European nations. Read more »


Delta Joins Sabre NDC Program

Delta has joined Sabre’s Beyond NDC distribution testing and development initiative. The cross-industry group aims to speed up development and integration of New Distribution Capability technology. United and American are among previously announced airlines working with Beyond NDC. Read more »


FAA Grounding Boeing 737 Max Aircraft

Further to the developing story on Boeing 737 Max aircraft grounding in the US and international destinations, US carriers with affected aircraft have issued responses, including American, United, and Southwest.

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US Citizens Will Soon be Able to Visit Brazil Without a Visa

The Brazilian government will soon allow visa-free entry to citizens of the US, Canada, Japan and Australia. The new allowances will be extended to both business and leisure travelers. Read more »


About Us: CTM Marks International Women’s Day 2019

Hear from CTM’s senior female leaders about what inspires them in their careers, and what advice they would give to the next generation of female business leaders. Read more »