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Travel Reporting

Better insights lead to better business travel.

Corporate Travel Management’s (CTM’s) travel reporting tools offer a highly visual representation of your global travel program’s performance, empowering your team to make more informed, impactful decisions to drive savings, efficiencies, safety, and sustainability.

Bring your data to life with CTM Data Hub

Better Insights for Faster, More Impactful Decisions

CTM Data Hub makes it easy for you to make quick decisions thanks to intuitive, insightful analytics across your entire travel program, worldwide.

Easily create and share intuitive dashboard reports with your team for more meaningful and digestible insights, or deep-dive into your data with customized reports. CTM Data Hub lets you take control of your future travel spend by identifying cost savings opportunities with predictive forecasting and travel trend analysis.

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Faster & More Intuitive

Enjoy on-demand access to all your travel data from any device.

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Global & Regional Views

Get a global view of your travel data, or dissect down to region, cost center, team, and traveler.

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Optimize Future Spend

Predictive forecasting and travel trend analysis easily identify future savings opportunities.

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Enhance Policy

Pinpoint data trends to drive savings, improve compliance, enhance supplier negotiations, and improve duty of care.

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Sustainable Travel

One worldwide view of your travel emissions and offsetting projects.

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Global Access

Cloud-based technology enables virtually unlimited global accessibility.

Bring Your Travel Data to Life

With CTM’s global travel reporting tools you can access, understand, and dissect complex travel data at the click of a button.

Dashboard reports include:

  • Air, hotels, car rental, rail
  • Bookings
  • Top travelers
  • Unused tickets
  • Traveler tracking
  • Forecasts
  • Carbon
  • Well-being
  • Service fees, and more!

Slice and Dice Your Data

Layer your pre-built intuitive dashboard reports with quick filters by category, region, department, or all three.

Predictive Forecasts

Make and share predictions with your travel and finance teams on spend, adoption and compliance patterns.

Set & Exceed KPIs

Stop reacting to your data after it happens and show your program’s value by setting and monitoring performance goals.

Explore the power of transformative data

Understand Your Environmental Impact

Icon: Blue airplaneEmissions Analysis

See your global travel program’s total emissions, and average CO2 per travel type, carrier, trip and passenger.

Icon: Blue magnifying glass over graphForecast Offset Costs

Real carbon market data tells you the true cost of offsetting alongside your travel data.

Icon: Blue SustainabilityAggregate, Analyze, Act

Built-in Climate Action Packs from CTM’s dedicated climate partner, South Pole, let you choose how to respond and invest in sustainability projects.

Explore CTM’s Climate+ program

Reduce Traveler Burn Out With Well-Being Insights

Optimize travel behavior and identify potential triggers of traveler stress within your travel program for enhanced wellness and duty of care.

CTM is committed to working with our customers to design travel programs that positively influence travel behaviors to support employee wellness and enhanced duty of care while maximizing productivity and travel program performance.

Upgrade for Better Performance?

Analyze your travelers’ travel time by cabin class and flight duration to see who really needs some extra elbow room.

Feet Never Touch the Ground?

Identify your weary road warriors by frequency of travel, total nights away, average interval between trips analysis, and more.

Lost Your (Circadian) Rhythm?

Identify travelers at greater risk of jet lag and fatigue by the number and frequency of time-zones crossed.

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