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CTM Banx: Managing unused tickets

At every step of the process, Corporate Travel Management (CTM) has your ticket assets in mind.

Managing unused nonrefundable tickets and making sure they’re recovered before they expire has never been a more critical part of a corporate travel management program. CTM manages unused ticket inventories and maximizes asset recovery through CTM Banx, our proprietary automated unused ticket tracking software that captures, tracks, monitors and reuses your airline tickets.

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More Opportunities to Refund

Even after departure, CTM Banx finds opportunities to refund value or for future applications.

After departure, CTM Banx queries each flight segment to determine if it was traveled on; giving CTM another opportunity to refund that value or retain for future application in our unused ticket database.

Regular audits of CTM Banx assets ensure accuracy and analysis from your Strategic Account Manager will uncover additional opportunities to recuperate ticket value, such as tax recovery, and UATP card solutions with preferred suppliers. In 2019, refunded taxes on unused tickets saved over a quarter of a million dollars for our clients.

Our proven approach and creative asset recovery strategies save CTM customers 2% of total air cost on average.

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Managing Unused Non-Refundable Tickets

With highly configurable logic, CTM Banx evaluates unused ticket rules and deadlines by airline, incorporates award ticket usage and name change availability, all completely based on your corporate hierarchy and travel policies.

At every step of the process, CTM has your ticket assets in mind:

Whether booking a new reservation online or with an experienced agent, CTM Banx automatically alerts travelers of unused, nonrefundable tickets available at the start of the booking process. Online systems display credits in the traveler profile as well as via prompts when shopping for travel, and travel advisors have instant visibility to available credits via our CTM Advisor agent desktop solution.

When it is time to travel, automated alerts from CTM Banx notify your travel team when a traveler has not checked in for their flight 45 minutes prior to departure. This gives CTM the ability to proactively reach out to travelers; if they’ve forgotten to cancel the trip CTM can cancel the reservation to retain the value of the ticket.

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