Case Study: Unused Ticket Management

In working with a global client specializing in software development, CTM introduced a solution to maximize the use of eligible unused air tickets, thereby increasing travel program savings.

The Challenge

Approximately 85% of the client’s air bookings were completed online. This posed a challenge with regards to management of unused tickets, as travelers were unable to exchange unused tickets online. Additional complexities lay in the volume of tickets purchased for meeting-related travel.

The Solution

CTM implemented our Accelerated Unused Ticket Program which provides a means of maximizing usage of unused tickets.

First, CTM monitors all bookings — including online bookings — for potential unused tickets that can be exchanged during fulfilment/ticketing. As part of the Accelerated Unused Ticket Program, all applicable unused tickets set for expiration within a specific time frame are converted into company vouchers that can be reused by any of our clients’ travelers. In the event the non-refundable ticket has expired or is heavily restricted, CTM seeks credit vouchers on behalf of our clients. The ability to change the name on the tickets depends on the discretion of the airline.

For most clients, the time frame for ticket exchange is 6 to 9 months; this allows the original ticket holder the opportunity to exchange. However, this particular client requested a configuration in which potential exchanges are completed after one month.

CTM’s highly experienced team reviewed all outstanding unused tickets on a monthly basis to qualify them for potential name change or to downgrade to a miscellaneous charges order (MCO) for any other traveler to use. Furthermore, the client allowed CTM to apply all qualified unused tickets to online bookings without the approval of the traveler. This ensures no loss of airfare or delay in ticketing.


After implementation of the Accelerated Unused Ticket Program, savings on unused tickets for our client more than doubled year-over-year — from 96 ticket exchanges equaling $26,851 in savings to 154 ticket exchanges with $56,868 in savings the following year.




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