Driving Digital Engagement

What are the benefits of a defined digital engagement strategy to support your travel program?

Greater adoption of digital tools allows travel managers to enhance the traveler experience, productivity and drive compliance in support of program goals. Today’s travel managers must consider full end-to-end digital engagement that creates overall travel efficiency and support of their travelers.

CTM guides customers through the many options available to escalate engagement, increase online bookings, and support program goals through the digital user experience. Regardless of the size of your organization or the online booking tool you have chosen, there are common strategies that support an efficient digital booking processes for business travel.

Here are the most common ways we help our customers increase digital engagement:

Define Your Suite of Tools

More than just your choice of the online booking tool itself, travel managers also have a greater marketplace of tools to optimize the user experience before and after using the online booking tool itself. Revisit travel portal options, mobile applications, and reporting systems to optimize the experience of every user in your program. For example, fare forecasting technology can be leveraged prior to booking to drive cost effective decision making, push notifications can keep travelers informed while en route, and compliance reporting can support departmental budgeting and goal setting.

Optimize for Efficiencies

Offer trip templates, simple and direct compliance coding, informational messaging, pop up messaging, and approval processes to optimize the full booking experience and drive optimal behavior. Establish your barriers to adoption and consider including internet rates, refining policy restrictions, and evaluating approval processes to improve the user experience. It is also imperative to regularly review and keep abreast of booking tool enhancements and review the features that you have enabled to support your program. CTM regularly conducts 90-point booking site reviews to ensure the optimization of all available features and functions.

Train for Each User Role

Communicate your online travel resources through training, orientations and communications targeted to each specific user group in your program portfolio. Compare booked data and expensed data to identify reluctant users and engage them directly. By understanding the role and challenges posed to each user group, CTM offers strategies to achieve optimal adoption, so you can maximize savings and increase policy compliance. Regularly communicate targeted technology upgrades, program updates and travel news to continually educate each user group and effectively promote the value of your managed travel program across all users.

Offer Support from Experienced Agents

It may seem counter-intuitive, but increase adoption and online engagement by offering user support from an experienced agent team, thus encouraging reluctant users to try the online resources, knowing they have a trusted professional to call for help. For front line support, and even scripted engagements to walk users through the digital travel experience, CTM agent teams are experts at guiding travelers through supporting technologies and encouraging adoption of time-saving and cost-saving features.

Create Adoption Campaigns

Establish adoption promotional campaigns, recognize department super-users and ambassadors, and encourage reluctant users and user groups directly. Campaigns and contests can be as formal or as informal as needed to support your company culture and should be tailored to the specific users and roles that need additional incentive. Engagement campaigns we have established with clients range from simple giveaways, such as gift cards or lounge access passes, to end-to-end gamification solutions with ongoing reward accumulation and redemption based on ongoing behavior.

Could your online tool benefit from a site review to identify features and strategies to improve the user experience? Do you need help deploying an adoption campaign with creative brainstorming and detail reporting? Contact CTM today to see how we can help you increase digital user engagement to drive overall program goals.