Expedited Security Programs: Wellness and Executive Benefits

Expedited security programs are designed to reduce traveler friction and speed your travelers to their gate without headaches or wasted time. Whether at a travel policy level or as part of an overall employee wellness offering, many companies find value in incorporating expedited security programs into a managed business travel program.

Designed to improve the traveler experience, consider and address expedited security programs as part of our recommended annual travel policy refresh.

Compare Expedited Security Programs


Global Entry

  • $100 for 5 years
  • 200+ airports
  • How to apply
  • Best Value – also includes TSA Pre-check!
TSA Precheck

  • $85 for 5 years
  • 200+ airports
  • How to apply
  • Best for travelers without a passport!

  • $179 for 1 year
  • 40+ airports
  • How to apply
  • Discount for Delta frequent flyer members!


Incorporate Into Your Program Policy

There are two main ways we help companies to incorporate expedited security programs into their travel policy:

  1. Frequency of travel. For all travelers who meet a threshold of minimum number of trips per year, you can reimburse the purchase of an expedited security program. This may vary based on the size and scope of your program! We would recommend using this additional travel benefit to reduce travel friction and employee downtime based on what your company criteria meets “road warrior” status.
  2. Company role and status. For your VIP or top-tier policy travelers, we recommend examining the time spent traveling and weight that against your investment in your top talent. The time of your executives, senior leadership, and C-level travelers may not be best spent waiting in TSA general boarding lines. For these high value members of your team, who often travel frequently, a small investment may pay large returns in recovered time.