Carriers adopt IATA resolution 830d into Terms and Conditions to include application to US Agencies

What IATA Resolution 830d Means to You

With talk of privacy, Real ID, NDC and travel retailing, should Business Travelers and Corporate Travel Procurement Managers be concerned at the further enhancement and adoption of resolution 830d by all IATA Airline Carriers? What exactly is resolution 830d, and why doesn’t anyone seem to be creating a fuss over its further enhancement which came into effect June 1, 2019.

In summary, the resolution 830d was introduced in 2014 and at the time required any TMC or Travel Agent to include the travelers name and contact details (telephone or email) in a certain format within the travel reservation. The objective of this was to provide such information to the airlines in a format that could be easily read in its reservation systems, especially those used in airports, so that travelers could receive timely updated proactive information to any scheduled changes or other delays or operational updates to their flights.

Most TMCs and Travel Agents have been complying with the provision of such information for several years, particularly in the USA, given TSA and other security requirements. Further, so many travelers now also participate in airline loyalty programs and with the provision of such frequent flyer details usually also comes a legal name and contact details being automatically associated with the reservation.

Some 5 years later, post enhancement to privacy regulations around the world and the increase in travel disruptions, reservations must now include such contact details or details of any traveler’s decision or request to refuse the provision of such details to the Airline, by way of a travelers acknowledgement that in refusing to allow the provision of such information to the Airline that they may not receive timely updates and do not hold the airline liable for any financial or other impact for the same.

Airlines have confirmed that adoption of resolution 830d into their terms and conditions is strictly for proactive operational updates and shall not be used for marketing or any other such purposes.

So, all-in-all it’s pretty much business as usual, though please note that should a traveler specifically request that such contact information be withheld from the airline then that traveler is acknowledging that they may not receive updated information on their flights and will have no recourse for compensation from the airline for the impact of the same.

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