5 Travel Policy Points to Review in the New Year

In gearing up for the New Year, CTM always recommends a health check even for future-proofed travel policies to identify opportunities, challenges, and revenue gaps which can drive value to your business travel program.

Are you confident your travel policy is ready for 2019? With business travel spend expected to continue rising through 2022, travel managers should review now to start the year strong with renewed and reviewed travel, expense and safety policies.

Here are the top five areas we suggest every travel manager review to be sure you are ready for whatever the next year brings:

1. Review your user groups

Is your policy segmented for your user groups and tailored to their specific needs? Have you grown or reduced your staff and identified your key spending groups? This is the time to address department nuances, workforce demographics, and identify VIP travelers for the new year.

2. Review sharing providers

If your policy does not yet include guidelines on sharing providers, including Uber, Lyft, and/or Airbnb, now is the time to establish a policy. If you have a policy, be sure it includes the most current information and corporate program details. Did you also know Uber just launched Uber Eats for Business?

3. Review your mobile policy

As apps advance and technology changes, ensure your mobile policy is current and reflective of your updated expense and safety policies and encourages approved partner platforms. Have you reviewed mobile data costs to identify if wifi-as-a-subscription services could reduce overall costs?

4. Review safety requirements

Ensure your travel policy is aligned to your overall safety and risk policies. Have you established a traveler tracking, risk alert or proof of life functionality for travelers in high risk destinations and in support of your overall safety policies?

5. Communicate and ensure visibility

A successful travel policy starts and ends with enterprise-wide training and accessible resources. Do employees know where to find your policy documentation—locally and on the road? Do they know how and when to book their reservations? Do you trust your policy is universally followed and enforced?

Knowing that you have reviewed these areas will leave your travel program on agile footing to address emerging trends, industry developments and the latest technologies that come in 2019. By defining your audience channels and ensuring your policies are current, you can focus on driving overall value into your travel program.