Top Travel Apps to Put on Your New Device

Sometimes a good app can make or break your day, especially if it’s a “planes, trains, and automobiles” kind of day! If you got a new gadget for the holidays, it is time to pack it with the latest travel apps before you head out on your first business trip of 2019.

From home to airport and back, here are the Top 5 apps we recommend for every business traveler:

1. MyTSA

The MyTSA app allows travelers to see status reports at airports around the country, including delays, traveler volume, and PreCheck lane statuses, along with a travel checklist and a database of most TSA rules. Quickly check the delay information and current weather conditions at airports nationwide, see how busy the airport is likely to be on your specific day and time of travel based on historical data, and request live assistance from TSA through the AskTSA social media integration.

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2. Lounge Buddy

Travelers can search by airport and terminal to see what each lounge offers (food, drinks, internet, business services, TVs, and more) and where they are in the terminals. Each lounge is sorted depending on the amenities and the user reviews. Travelers can also get day passes through the app, sometimes at a discount rate, and can pay by credit card or Apple Pay.

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3. Seat Guru

SeatGuru might be the best app for finicky travelers to have on their smartphone. It allows you to see the inside of an airplane and shows exactly where a seat is positioned, so you can choose one that lets you get your perfect seat experience. SeatGuru also includes a feature that allows travelers to check on flight status by number or route.

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4. Mobile Passport

Make it through customs and border patrol faster without the hassle or cost of Global Entry or other trusted traveler programs. Eligible travelers can download the Mobile Passport app and complete their entry forms and processing electronically. Mobile Passport Control provides a more efficient in-person inspection between the CBP officer and the traveler. Since the administrative tasks are performed by the traveler prior to the passport control inspection, MPC reduces passport control inspection time and overall wait times. MPC is available to U.S. citizens and Canadian visitors at 26 U.S. international airports and 3 sea ports of entry.

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5. Airline Apps

Among CTM’s US customer base, 94% of travelers report using their mobile to check in for a flight. The airline app is your best route to secure mobile boarding passes or to purchase additional flight items such as baggage, wi-fi, priority boarding, etc. Be sure to keep your preferred airline apps downloaded and up to date for the best in-flight entertainment options as well.





Need to know more about how to power your travel program with the latest apps to keep yourself or your travelers happy on the road? Contact CTM for a travel technology review today.