Case Study

Compliance and cost savings.


Our client sought to change traveler behavior in order to increase travel policy compliance and achieve cost savings.


Inconsistent and limited travel policies were not being enforced through on-site travel department.

Our client’s travel policy was not being adhered to; there were no mandates to ensure that the policy was enforced. Despite having a long-time on-site travel professional as an employee of the company, they had never assigned any guidelines or restrictions in the booking of travel.

We faced three major hurdles in realizing a solution:

  • A low level of traveler understanding of the goals of a travel policy
  • Transference of 6,500 traveler profiles efficiently and accurately into a new booking system
  • No existing robust travel policy in place that represented all divisions – some divisions had no travel policy in place at all


Our first step was to assist in the creation of a new travel policy. To assist this process, we established air, car and hotel guidelines:

  • Identified preferred carrier, as well as cost and time thresholds for booking
  • Identified key car class of vehicle
  • Identified hotel per-diem rates in key locations


Once the new travel policy was in place, it was communicated to all of the travelers. Their on-site agent received policy documentation and CTM’s agents were informed and the new travel guidelines and boundaries were in action. Monthly reporting is now showing compliance and changed behavior. All out of policy bookings capture exception coding for trend analysis.