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CTM 6-month technology highlights

CTM is committed to providing customers with solutions that better serve their travel needs. To demonstrate this commitment, we are continually developing and enhancing our own suite of leading travel technology.

Building our own proprietary technology allows us to fully control our development roadmap. Using continual feedback coupled with an agile approach to technology development, we can respond quickly to user and market demand, within an ever-changing technology landscape; developing technology and enhancements to existing features that our users have asked for.

In a 6-month period, the CTM team launched a range of features and enhancements to our online booking tool, Lightning, the business travel hub, CTM Portal, and SMART Data, our comprehensive business intelligence solution. The developments that directly benefit our customers are detailed below.


CTM Portal

COVID-19 safety Information

CTM Portal provides an interactive map of Traveler Tracker + GeoRisk tool for instant visibility of all travelers based on itinerary location, risk rating and sending targeted communications.

Traveler Tracker + GeoRisk functionality has enhanced its risk management by providing heat maps and specific information for COVID-19. State-by-state risk information is available for the US and Canada when a user focuses on a certain area.

Travelers can specifically filter to display COVID-19 safety information to show only risk markers with information that has keywords related to COVID-19.

Portal now provides links to the latest airport, airline, hotel, car, and rail updates.

Enhanced risk functionality

CTM Traveler Tracker platform supports a company’s duty of care program by tracking travelers’ locations anywhere in the world. The enhanced risk functionality is updated in real-time and fully integrated with the individual’s travel itinerary.

CTM’s interactive global mapping tool provides an instant picture of country-by-country and state-by-state risk levels via a color-coded map. Risk categories are incorporated to allow users to filter risk markers by their type (unknown, political, war, protests, crime, environment, health, travel). This functionality allows Travel Managers to quickly locate their travelers in case of a catastrophe.


Airline Reassurance Data

Lightning now enables customers globally to view COVID-19-related airline service features alongside flight search results at the time of booking.

Travel Requirements

Customers can view all country and state travel requirements in the initial step of their online booking process. Through the integration of eVisa powered by Sherpa, customers will be able to view the travel requirements to their destination and apply for Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

Hotel and Air Health Measures

Lightning has new features that give travelers detailed information on the proactive health measures for each hotel and airline.

When booking hotels and air travel, the ‘Health Measures’ tab can be used to display additional COVID measures, in place by the supplier. This contributes to driving preferred hotel and airline programs to maximize benefits for clients and travelers. These health measures also allow travelers to make educated decisions for their health and wellbeing while staying within their travel policy.


CTM Climate+

CTM SMART Data now allows businesses to offset the carbon emissions produced by their air, hotel, car rental and rail travel by supporting a range of environmental sustainability initiatives. The CTM Climate+ program offers sustainability offset options including rainforest conservation, sustainable livelihood programs, wildlife protection and renewable energy.

Traveler Wellbeing Dashboard

CTM’s Traveler Wellbeing dashboard enables users to view consolidated travel program data as well as dissect data down to individual traveler level across a broad range of travel metrics.