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How Lightning can help you choose the best hotel in the post-quarantine COVID-19 era

As the world starts opening back up and we return to travel, it is going to be as important as ever that travelers are confident, they will remain safe and healthy while away from home.

CTM’s online booking tool (OBT), Lightning, has integrated a new feature called Hotel Health Measures.  This new feature will give travelers more information on what each hotel is doing regarding health measures and will allow travelers to make educated decisions within their travel policy.

A new ‘Health Measures’ tab is now available on our OBT. The content within this tab will list important hotel attributes.  Work is also underway to bring additional information to the Health Measures tab that will identify which hotels participate in the Safe Stay program by the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA). The details about the Safe Stay program will be available beginning in October.

CTM travelers, booking through the Lightning OBT, can rest assure that they are able to choose the right hotel that best suits their away-from-home comfort level and keep their mind at ease.