Case Study: Planning for Inclement Weather is Essential

As we prepare for hurricane season in other ways, we are reminded how important evacuation planning is. Your TMC partner should absolutely provide the traveler tracking, risk alerts, and travel updates to assist travelers on the road when weather happens, but what happens when weather comes to you?

The Challenge

A Houston-based client was faced with creating an evacuation plan for employees within days of hurricane landfall. Their business operations required crew movements, offshore housing, groups of foreign workers, expats, and other unique working arrangements.

The client had processes in place to evacuate staff identified as offshore based workers in the instance of a hurricane. However, they failed to plan for other vulnerable employee groups.

The Solution

It was essential to review the organizations existing evacuation and hurricane response plans. CTM helped the client enhance their evacuation plan as a part of their travel program.

To create this essential piece of the travel program, we pre-determined potential weather scenarios and evacuation destinations. By understanding the potential dangers that face business operations, we can help predict likely accessible evacuation routes and destinations. This plan included evacuation routes to Dallas, Phoenix or even Las Vegas based on likely storm paths, number of evacuees, and regular flight schedules with large aircraft to support larger traffic numbers.

It was also essential for us to pre-identify all vulnerable staff groups, including expats living in the US who lacked the community resources of other Houston-based staff. This allowed us to create specific plans to support this group as needed. We applied guidelines and processes to assist with the transportation and short-term accommodations for vulnerable staff, family-members, and pets.

This plan also included identifying essential staff to transport into secure locations, such as data bunkers and secure facilities, ahead of evacuations. Identifying these essential personnel as part of the emergency response planning allowed us to work quickly behind the scenes to block accommodations and transportation as quickly as possible to ensure travel before air traffic was grounded.


By identifying destinations, staff groups, and necessary accommodations (short-term, long-term, pets, etc.), we reduced valuable time and effort to research, plan and book accommodations. By incorporating this evacuation plan in the travel program, we supported our client under emergency circumstances.

Let us help you

CTM supports many customers, and our own operations, along the gulf coast and areas vulnerable to hurricanes worldwide. We also support customers in industries susceptible to weather interruptions, such as resource, marine, and energy sectors. This means we have developed a range of strategic and tactical emergency response plans in various locations and industries.

Have you reviewed your emergency response plans recently? And, more importantly, have you included your TMC partner in your strategy?

If you need help leveraging the value of a travel partner in your continuity planning, contact CTM today.