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CTM Advisor: An expert agent desktop solution

When you contact Corporate Travel Management (CTM), it’s personal. Every call, every time.

Whether you need to book a new reservation or change your flight home, CTM knows that your time matters and our ability to provide swift, insightful advice is paramount.

That’s why we’ve created CTM Advisor, a modern travel agent application that drives our exceptional service levels by anticipating your needs and delivering high-service interactions.


See how CTM Advisor can augment your travel program

Anticipate Your Needs

The caller ID feature means your travel team knows who is calling before they answer. Whether you are a traveler, arranger, or travel administrator, your CTM agent team has instant access to profile information, trip information, current disruptions, and travel policy parameters in a single screen. One step ahead, we leverage past travel behaviors through the machine learning engine to proactively anticipate traveler needs.

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Travel consultant wearing headset using CTM advisor on desktop
Smiling woman seated at desk talking on cell phone

Focus on Service

Integrations with agent booking systems, traveler profiles, CTM Banx, and MIS systems reduce keystrokes for repetitious reservation tasks and ensure accuracy. This reduction in handling time allows your highly experienced CTM agent team to focus on delivering exceptional travel advice, making each contact with CTM a productive exchange that adds value to your travel program.

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Keep Travelers Safe

CTM Advisor also functions as a central repository for real-time supplier information, travel waivers, and world events that could affect travel. Our ability to relay this updated information has never been more critical to providing a confident traveler experience when local guidance, rules, regulations, and travel supplier information are transitioning almost daily.

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Business traveler at airport terminal at sunset

Round the Clock Care

All CTM agent teams, including our in-house 24/7 After Hours experts, use the CTM Advisor system to provide consistent, high-level service to your travelers no matter when they need us:

  • Integration with our state-of-the-art phone system
  • Association with designated company numbers
  • Auto-population of company policies and preferred vendors
  • Access to current, future and past trips and information about peer groups with similar trips
  • Notification of potential errors or missing information during a call
  • Eliminates the need for follow-up calls with the traveler
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The CTM Advisor agent desktop solution enables better service throughout the entire booking process. From your first interaction with the CTM team, you’ll experience the CTM difference.

Discuss the CTM Advisor agent desktop solution with our expert team today.